Benefit calendar Avalone – children fire accidents prevention


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Every year, more than 40,000 children suffer burns injuries. Every year, several children wait hopelessly for their bone marrow donor. And he will die. WE CHANGE IT. WE WILL CHANGE IT. WE MUST!

Purchasing a calendar BURNS! In 2021, you will support our efforts, donate joy, hope and happiness. Calendars, photographed by seriously ill and burned children together with well-known rock bands. Children waiting for their bone marrow donor. To save a life. Children after a severe burn injury. These 31 small-giant warriors put their powerful stories of struggle and hope and their photographs on the calendar in order to save and protect not only themselves. But also other children.
The calendar contains a call to donate hope for life, by registering in the Czech National Registry of Marrow Donors. It contains information on bone marrow donation as well as prevention of fires, burn injuries and first aid.

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